I Have Sworn Off All Others…

Bad to the phloem! I rarely seek to simplify. Indeed, I’m usually looking to muck up my life a little bit more with each passing day.

However, there is now a plant in my life that has made it possible for my to say “sayonara” to all Purple Fountain Grasses, Phormiums, Cordylines and Millets. I might get to like this simplicity thing!

Hello, Pennisetum purpureum ‘Vertigo’… Where have you been all my life?

'Vertigo' flanked by a Cardoon, 2 invisible Eryngiums and a Buddleia (and a few bowling balls)

Less ratty than Purple Fountain Grass

Way more full and less limp than any Phormium

Flowier than a Cordyline

And less “stick-like” than any other Millet

I LOVE this plant.

When in came in a treasure chest from Proven Winners, I think it had been hit up with some growth regulators so it looked a little funny and stunty- so I put it near a new planting of 3 Eryngium ‘Sapphire Blue’ and within a week, it had over shadowed the Eryngiums… killing one and leaving the other 2 gasping for their lives.


It is SUCH an awesome beast!

Its habit sort of reminds me, in shape and vigor.. of this…

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