Guest Post: Screen the View using Trellises and Lattice

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When creating an outdoor room, most people would put creating privacy toward the top of their priorities.  After all, if we are going to use our outdoor spaces the same way we use the inside of our homes, you have to consider that few people would want to live in a completely glass house.  It’s not that we don’t want our neighbors to see us throwing stones; creating privacy in an outdoor space is as much a matter of blocking out the street and neighborhood noise as anything else.  Even a suburban environment does not always create the most relaxing atmosphere! Not only can you block views of garages, driveways, and neighbors’ porches to create a more secluded feeling, the greenery will also help to filter the air and ensure no one is looking in on you. Using a combination of garden structures, plants, and vines to separate your backyard oasis from the rest of the chaotic world will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living area in a whole new light with a nice, calm mindset!  

Here are three ideas on how to use arbors and trellises combined with vining plants to create privacy in your garden and outdoor living area.  

Free Standing Trellis Panels:  Free standing trellis panels are probably the most versatile tool for separating your space.  They can be purchased or made out of nearly any material imaginable, and placed just about anywhere.  If you have limited soil, you can place one right down in a container or planter to allow flowers to vine upwards from there. If you have the plot space, I think it looks nice to use them as accents along with evergreens and deciduous trees.  Intermingling trees, bushes, and trellis panels creates privacy, as well as interest and variety.  It becomes a lot less boring than a line of tall hedges, and encourages visitors to prolong their glances to see all the details.  

Attached Lattice Sections: Many gardeners with a porch, pergola, or other garden structure with exposed sides will add a section of lattice. A lattice section attaches to an existing post, beam, or wall and allows plants to vine safely on the building.  Pergolas use these the most, without question.  Firstly, the original purpose of a pergola was exclusively for vines and climbing plants, so lattice sections will almost always appeal to the pergola lover.  Secondly, many people love the look of a pergola to define their outdoor spaces, but often wish there was a more enclosed feeling.  Adding a section of lattice, or even just a section to the corners, will create veritable living walls around your outdoor living or dining space. 


Arbor Gates: While fences and gates have traditionally been used to create privacy, many people dislike the ominous feeling that a towering solid fence can give.  To create a softer, greener, and more alive fence, you can use trellises in place of traditional railings.  While vines will grow up any old chain link fence, using a nice cedar or other high-quality lattice material will look nicer while you’re waiting for your plants to grow.  It will also eliminate the chance of any unsightly views peaking out from under the vines. While this might not be practical if it’s necessary to keep a pet safe or ensure security, it is a lovely way to add long sections of privacy-creating vines.  Plus, when placed near traditional arbors, your guests will feel like they’re entering a secret garden paradise when passing through your gate or entryway. And they are, right?  

About specializes in outdoor furniture and gazebos.  As experts in the field, their blog,, helps outdoor enthusiasts, landscapers, and gardeners design their gardens, yards, and porches into fabulous outdoor rooms.  Their biggest passion is always making sure everyone can get the most out of their outdoor living spaces as possible!


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