The Vintage Patio Furniture Lover’s Holy Grail

For the last 5 years or maybe longer, I have had an eBay search set up where every time a vintage porch glider comes up for sale in my area for less than $250, I get an email about it. I have gotten approximately 12 emails over the years, mostly for some sort of hang gliding Smurf. So, I never got a glider.

I have obsessed about gliders here, here and here- all summer at each garage sale, flea market and junk shop I search for a glider.
And then this happened today.

I’m still in shock, people. SHOCK. That’s why I could hardly form a sentence on the vid. And then cut the end off, oops.
I sometimes get chest pains due to stress, but what I feel right now feels like my heart is smiling. I can NOT believe it.
And at this point you’re trying to figure out why such a rusty hunk of junk gets me so excited. Oh well.
I’ll be in the forum.

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