Studying the winter garden with Jenny Koester

“The twisty, knotty contortions of the branches contrast nicely to the linear form of the arbor”

The bark itself is also visually interesting. I am drawn to the structure and order of a formal garden, but too much order can be boring. Thankfully, this hydrangea adds just the right amount of drama.”

Jenny Koester from A Year in the Park is quoted above as witnessing the winter garden as anything but boring. In her experienced eyes, she tells us how going from an inexperienced gardener to that of a successful one requires that we appreciate how bark, form, texture, and shadows play a part in holding our interest.

“This garden vignette would be far less effective sans the larger planter taking center stage. It provides a focal point in the spring, fall and winter months. In the summer, it is often obstructed by a lush planting.”

To read more of Jenny’s article visit her website, A Year in the Park. Jenny gardens in Ohio, zone 6

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One thought on “Studying the winter garden with Jenny Koester

  1. I realize now that i never really considered what my winter garden looks like but I’m inspired to plant with the thought in mind of what my garden looks like free of leaves. I really love the large planter with the surrounding evergreen hedge. Also, thinking of adding some kind of woody vine around my front porch. Guess it’s never too early in the year to start mentally planting your garden! 🙂

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