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In the spirit of full disclosure, I have never grown vegetables. I am waiting for the review committee to revoke my Master Gardener standing because of this. In my mind I had pictures of ugly rows of crops, little visual interest and a lot of hard work. I learned to garden in the shade, so my education and research went in a direction far from vegetables. But things started to change when I stumbled upon Skippy’s Vegetable Garden blog.

I don’t know if it was seeing photographs of the tender new shoots or reading some of the recipes on the blog, but either way, I was hooked! As I was impatiently waiting for signs of spring, Skippy’s Vegetable Garden was delivering lovely posts and photos about this season’s young plants and successes in the garden from years past.

Kathy Martin, the author of Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, shares the garden with her Portuguese water dog, Skippy. She has been writing about her vegetable gardens since May of 2006. Her way of looking at a vegetable garden is already changing my view. She writes,

“I have to admit that I garden mostly because I think vegetable gardens are beautiful. I love rows of seedlings, patchworks of greens, baskets of bright vegetables. I love the way gardens change with the seasons. My camera is my most important gardening tool.”

Kathy does not have the luxury of space, which will surprise you when you see the variety of crops she grows and her breadth of knowledge. In her small 250-square-foot home garden and recently acquired community garden plot, she learned the art and science of vegetable gardening and inspiring others, all while making healthy, yummy treats with her own produce.

This garden blog will inspire a novice to dig in and start a vegetable garden, knowing a small one can produce much rewards. Kathy’s wealth of experience provides valuable advice and insights sure to benefit the most experienced grower, too.

Many gardeners will agree that we learn the most by our own experiences and the experiences of others. Kathy’s garden reviews beginning January 2, 2011 read like a gardener’s record journal and are critical looks at what worked, what didn’t work and plans for this year.

After reading Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, I am thinking a plot in a community garden is in my future!


Jenny Koester, AKA The Landless Gardener, is the Garden Blog Editor for Horticulture magazine and the author of The Garden Life.


Looking to start your own vegetable garden, too? After you get done reading Skippy’s Garden Blog, read Starter Vegetable Garden and Homegrown Vegetables.  Then try planting Kitchen Garden seeds by Renee’s Garden!

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  3. We’ve been vegetable gardening for 4 years now, all because I stumbled upon Kathy’s blog one day. She made it look approachable, especially since we also live in New England and face similar challenges. She and Skippy have been an inspiration, and this award is well-deserved!

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  7. I know I’m not alone when I say Kathy’s blog is the true online home of our community gardens. Congratulations to Kathy from a fellow Rock Meadow Victory Gardener.

  8. Thanks for the award!!! I’m honored to be chosen! And very glad to be able to share my garden experiences with Horticulture readers. I’m looking forward to a wonderful gardening season coming up – and it can’t come too fast for me. I’m ready for Spring! Thanks again –

    Kathy (and Skippy)

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