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Dee Nash at Red Dirt Ramblings. We chose Dee as the first recipient of the Horticulture Best Garden Blog 2011 award because you would be hard-pressed to come across someone in the garden blogging community who hasn’t known, read, or had the chance to meet Dee. From writing about her chickens to showcasing her 90-plus roses, she is witty, knowledgeable, and conscientious about gardening.

Best Garden Blog AwardWe chose Dee and Red Dirt Ramblings for her contributions to the blogging community. She answers questions received on her site and seeks additional information to provide a complete answer. I’ve observed Dee interacting with her Facebook and Twitter garden community, and doing so with grace and knowledge. She stays connected on current garden trends and reports those happenings on her blog.

Dee gives back and supports beginner and advanced gardeners. Excellent photography helps to tell or explain her post topics. She will offer sources and links to aid and hasten your journey to be a better gardener. Hers is what I call a one-stop website for garden information. Use her search feature and more than likely several posts on that topic will be provided.

From my experience at Best Garden Blogs I know that Dee and her blog are the perfect fit for what this award represents. Going forward, each Thursday we will introduce you to another award-winning garden blog and blogger. Recipients of the award will have the opportunity to display the Horticulture Best Garden Blog badge (above) on their sites!


Here’s an excerpt from Dee’s blog:

I’m a freelance writer, born and raised in Oklahoma. Twenty-one years ago, Handsome Hubby (“HH”) and I married during a thunderstorm. I love thunder and lightning, so I knew good things would come. He doesn’t like to garden, but he helps build all garden hardscape. I like it that way.

We have four children. Number One is grown and living on her own. The Diva and Air Soft Warrior are in high school, and Bear is in the fifth grade. They all agree that this blog takes up way too much of my time. They are the center of my life, but I need some form of self expression, so I type on. So far, the only one who likes to garden is Bear. I hope she continues to dig in the dirt and nurture plants when I’m long gone. (Read the rest of this post here.)

You can find Dee on Facebook , Twitter , Lowes Creative Ideas. She has beautiful photographs on her website and frequently writes about her chickens.

We’re looking forward to all the amazing possibilities of the new year, and I can’t wait to connect you with smart garden bloggers. You’ll find me posting here and at Best Garden Blogs, and I hope you’ll share some comments and come back frequently.

Anna Looper, Garden Blog Editor

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  1. I’m so happy you chose Dee! Besides being a great gardener and writer, I’m proud to say that she’s my mentor in the Garden Writers Association. She’s so open to any question I might have and has helped me in many ways. Congratulations, Dee!

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