A Texas Treasure

“I garden on a rocky hillside in Central Texas. There are many challenges but then, with years of travel and multiple gardens under my belt, I have learnt that every garden has its challenges,” writes Jenny, author of the gardening blog Rock Rose and our newest Best Gardening Blogs 2011 winner.

Gardeners who learn to embrace the challenges of their garden release themselves from the pressure and inevitable frustration that comes from trying to make a garden something that it is not. Grow where you are planted and plant what loves to grow where you are and your garden will reward you. Have your doubts? Then take a peek at Jenny’s gardens.

Jenny has most definitely embraced her little plot of earth and saw the challenges it presented as opportunities to learn and expand her gardening prowess. Here, in her sunny oasis, a lifetime of learning, travel and I am sure a lot of hard work and careful design have culminated in a garden that is desert meets English Cottage. Roses, poppies, irises, succulents, herbs – her garden is a treasure trove of plant discoveries.

“One of the first gardening books I owned had a photograph of a gardener watering the pavers in her garden. It was an herb garden and between the pavers little plants grew. I remember how much I loved the look of those little plants growing in the cracks, softening the stone.” Jenny

Jenny’s photos of her garden are inspiring. She draws us into the details of the garden such as the placement of pots, small flowers that require us to look closely to appreciate their beauty and how pretty water on pavers can look.

Rock Rose is a beautifully written and photographed blog about a garden that is elegant, thoughtful, playful and inspiring. I hope you enjoy your time with Rock Rose.

Jenny Koester, AKA The Landless Gardener, is the Garden Blog Editor for Horticulture magazine and the author of The Garden Life.

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9 thoughts on “A Texas Treasure

  1. really like the use of pavers in photo. i landscape in north texas area and use mostly flagstone and really don’t use pavers because to me they look to commercial. but in your yard they really look good and i’m starting to rethink a few projects i have going on with clients. your landscape has a very relaxing look about it.

  2. Jenny is truly and inspiration for the Hill Country. I reside in the small town of Blanco, Texas 45 miles southwest of Austin. With the challenging weather and soil I create xeriscapes but container gardens are increasing by adding the plantwarrior to the pots. I would love to see what Jenny could do with The Holey Cone.

  3. Jenny’s garden is beyond descriptive words, and she herself is just as gracious as her flowers. Thank you for acknowledging what a grand job she has done in one of the toughest gardening climates around. She’s an inspiration for me.

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