I Did It To Myself

Here’s the deal, I’ve overfed my worms in my worm bin, which created fruit flies. Once I figured out that the worms weren’t keeping the pace, I started saving my compost scraps under the sink again like I do in summer. Except in the summer I take the bucket outside to the compost heap everyday. Right now? Not so much. I would need a troika to get to my compost heap. Not gonna happen.

So starting today, the unattractive bucket is outside my back door, 14 feet of ballerina tulle has been draped around my worm bin so none of the li’l suckers can escape. I stopped feeding the worms about two weeks ago; soon there will be enough room to top it off with a few inches of shredded paper so the flies can’t get in or out. All surfaces have been bleached; all plants have been sprayed with insecticidal soap. And I’m hoping to put this fruit fly issue behind me in the next 20 minutes. I swear. Wish me luck, although I’ve been told the Force is with me.

 cute compost magnets (set of 2 different designs) by Copabananas on Etsy

Winter composters! How do you do it? I need your helpful hints. Stop by the forum and school me. I don’t want to not compost anything compostable just because it’s winter. And if you’re in the same fruit fly boat, I have a lot more tulle in my sewing closet to share; it’s like a tutu for your worm bin.

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