Step One (We Can Have Lots Of Fun!)

The dilemma was this: I have a cute house that’s covered in Virginia Creeper, so what do I put at the front walk that’s not going to blend in to the existing greenery?

Red or dark foliage, like a Ninebark? Hm. I just don’t see it. Yellow? The house is light colored enough where yellow foliage, like a Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangea, just won’t do. And it got weedier and weedier until it hit me.
Carex buchananii ‘Red Fox’
Such a love-it-or-hate-it plant! So naturally, I love it. What do you think? Admittedly the photo is BAD (I started working on it after work and now it’s pretty dark, BlackBerry flash is useless!) but still, it’s a good look.

Let’s see if it over-winters. All info points to it working in zone 5 but-.I have this going for me, if it looks like this when it’s alive and kicking, what-the-Hesperis does it look like when its dead?
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