Hey! Where’s The Flood?

A couple weeks ago, on an especially nasty night, I went to give a little presentation to the local Master Gardeners. The topic I was assigned was water gardening and since I wanted to appeal to as many people as possible, and because I am the Queen of Containers I made the presentation about container water gardening.
Right before I left the house that evening for the presentation I bopped down to my basement to grab my fountain pump for display purposes. I only got a few stairs down before I noticed a couple of inches of water at the bottom of the stairs. My basement was flooding and I use my basement as a warehouse of all things vintage; clothing, hats, purses, linens, you name it; amazing stuff and tons of it.
When you live in a super old house like this you expect flooding so you stay organized and I am super organized, tubs and crates, all labeled with their contents. Except have you ever been on, say, a rampage to find something like a tablecloth and you JUST saw it but you can’t find it and you maybe rip stuff up a little more than you probably should because you’re frustrated? I had just had one of those experiences and it was like all this precious stuff was about to take a ride on the Titanic.
So I went to the meeting and I’m waiting for my turn and I’m pretty much in tears because of what’s going on back at the ranch. Then my turn came and I talked about stuff I love and care about to a really awesome and interested audience of Master Gardeners. It was actually quite nice and despite the total IRONY of talking about water gardening for an hour I didn’t think about my basement, much, during that time. Then I went home and cleaned up.
If you want to see the presentation, it’s available at right here, it doesn’t make that much sense without me yammering on and on about it.
I’d love to persuade you to do some water gardening in containers if you aren’t already. It’s a really awesome way to have some total garden thugs completely on your terms. Wanna talk about it in the forum? I do!

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