Horticulture’s Book Review Editor, Kylee Baumle

Meet Kylee Baumle, Horticulture’s  new Book Review Editor!

Kylee Baumle is Horticulture's Book Review editor.

Kylee Baumle is Horticulture's Book Review Editor.

Kylee Baumle has spent the majority of her life as a dental hygienist, but was bitten by the gardening bug five years ago and life was never the same since.  Also an avid reader, and author of the award-winning garden blog, Our Little Acre, it only seemed natural that Kylee share her thoughts about some of the wonderful books that have been published to aid and entertain gardeners. She lives and gardens with her husband and cats in zone 5 in rural northwest Ohio.

Check out Kylee’s “Our Little Acre” blog

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  1. Great start – I’ve enjoyed your reviews. I have a newly published book just out, “Houseplants are Houseguests” published by Wheatmark, and would love to be listed in the books section, or better yet, reviewed by you! How do I go about getting it to you and contacting you? Many thanks. Anne

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