dreaming a little dream

Last Saturday it was a record-breaking 70 degrees F here in our Ohio River valley. I helped a friend put her garden to bed and she kept asking, do we really have to cut off all these flowers? We were cutting back the mums. I reminded her not to be fooled by the weather we were having then, and that if we didn’t take advantage of Mother Nature’s benevolence we’d be out there in frigid weather cursing ourselves for waiting. This Saturday it’s not quite 32 degrees.

On this post-Thanksgiving weekend, I avoided Black Friday at the mall and went instead for a hike in my own hundred-acre-woods. The sky was blue and the temperature cold, but it was refreshing and it beat fighting the mobs. Oh, I’ve been out there before dawn on Black Fridays past, but this year there wasn’t an urgent want or need. My daughter is grown and my granddaughter’s gifts are already bought.

I do remember the fun of getting out there early to play Santa, making sure Christmas morning was all the family dreamed it would be. Remembering the letters to Santa, the lists and the anticipation has me wondering what we’d put on our lists now if someone were to fulfill our dreams? Here’s mine:

A greenhouse (or maybe a miniature Wardian case?)

A stepover bike

World peace (or at least peace on the garden path?)

What’s on your dream list?

Wishing your dreams come true,


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