Don’t Gloat

But it’s so darn cold I can barely even think about gardening… But I have this fact to keep me warm, Chicago is where "IT’s" at! And when I say "IT’s" I don’t mean the 2016 Olympics…

Ok, here’s a nice little INDOOR tip I’ve been doing for a few years that you’ll have to admit is just a little bit genius…
You’re getting a lot of seed catalogs, right? How can you keep ’em straight? Every January at the Dollar Spot at Target they offer a collection of home organizing stuff that always includes cardboard magazine files for a buck. So every year I buy one and that’s where the catalogs go until later in the year when I can finally recycle them… And by that time, I have 6 months of magazines that need to get filed…. Hey, I told you it was genius!

Have you got something better? Le Forum

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