Delphinium: LASER BEAMS!

I was walking around my yard this morning, checking out what’s happened since yesterday, when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. LASER BEAMS! Blue ones! Shooting right at me!
I dropped my coffee cup and rolled to a safe location. I tried to snap a photo-

Sorry it’s blurry but- it was shooting blue LASER BEAMS AT ME!

After a while, it must have run out of laser beams or something. I’ll have to do a Google search for "laser beams" and "Delphiniums" because I was able to calmy approach it and snap these photos:

I hope they don’t have some supernatural laser-beamability on you for just looking at the photos. Maybe I should have mentioned the need for a welding helmet at the beginning of this post?
I’ll be in the forum doctoring my eyes..

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