The Cult Of Compost

I just made a trip to drop off a load of scraps and stuff at my compost heap. It’s 20 degrees out, it’s 3pm and I am wearing my pajamas. What could possibly inspire a slacker like me to be so devoted to composting?

I think that once you get the hang of composting, it becomes more than just something to do- it becomes a way of life. And you can’t believe you ever didn’t do it and you tell your friends and neighbors- and you steal bags of leaves from curbsides in fall and snap up bags of coffee grounds at Starbucks. It makes you feel better about doing your part for the Earth and doing right by yourself and your family when you use it as an organic fertilizer.

I have found very similar fanaticism with people that practice yoga. People that do yoga want you to know about it, talk about how great it is all the time and that they can’t believe they ever DIDN’T do yoga. It makes them feel better and they feel like they are doing right by their body and mind.

I just started tinkering with yoga myself and what I’m finding is- if you ONLY talk about compost and yoga… people start to avoid you entirely. Which is cool with me.
"I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel."

Forum, yo.

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