Carolus just super-poked you!

Did you know Carolus Linnaeus has his own Facebook group? I am now a “fan” along with only 26 other people. Why isn’t Carl getting the love he deserves? Spam has over 3,000 fans and Carl has 26?
If you aren’t sure who Carolus Linnaeus was I’d just tell you the bits that are important to me, he was the father of modern taxonomy and created binomial nomenclature. He was also Swedish, always a huge plus.
I apologize about how quiet it’s been around here. I was on an adventure for a few days. I’ll tell you more about the adventure later.
I know Dan missed me while I was away because when I came home there was a Portillo’s Italian beef, a hunk of fudge and a Burt’s Bees lip balm sitting on the counter waiting for me. I should have adventures more often.
Meet me in the forum; I wonder if Gertrude Jeckyll is on Facebook…

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