Boston Smackdown!

I went to a magical land where the words "jetty" and "clam haul" are used on the evening news. This magical land is called Boston.

I didn’t see Cheers, or where the Boston Tea Party was held, have a Sam Adams or even eat a Boston cream doughnut (an attempt was made) but I did have a hell of a lot of fun.

What did I do while I was there?

Well, I met up with my friend Andrew Keys who writes the most awesome blog, Garden Smackdown. You should read his blog if you like… plants. And the more you like them, the more you’ll love his blog.

Andrew showed me the sights, including the fancy public garden in the middle of town, some old churches and stuff and also- and most awesomely- The Arnold Arboretum. Where I nearly wet myself.

Not because the plants were so amazing, well- I mean, they WERE, but- they didn’t have public restrooms and I’d just sucked down a 90 oz. raspberry smoothie. I was kickin’ it dairy-free, yo.
Here’s a slideshow…

That’s enough for Part I. I’m still pretty wiped out. All that bladder clutching really wore me out.
Forum it up, yo.

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