Blogger’s Block

Man, this time of year blows. The days are longer and sunny, but it’s still too cold and wet to do anything outside. There’s nothing I really want to blog about and I don’t even have the attention span to make something up. Which is rare.
I have a list of blog ideas that’s literally as long as my arm, but they aren’t ready to blossom into anything more than ideas right now. Each idea is a tight little bud that simply isn’t ready to bloom. Right now the only thing blooming in my head is the idea to watch vintage 90210 episodes (now re-blooming three times a day on the SOAP network). My only other bloomer lately has been gluing googly eyes on things around the house and waiting to see if Dan notices when he comes home.
I’m so glad February is almost over; I have to get into the garden soon. I may run out of 90210s soon, or googly eyes.
What are you doing today? Come to the forum and let’s chat, but not between 11am-noon. or 4-6pm when 90210 is on. K?

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