Now That’s What I Call A Birthday Gift!

Kiss my aster!

Gifts make me antsy. I’m aware that I’m lacking in graciousness and despite my thorough interest in entertaining, at best, I’m socially awkward. I do however really enjoy giving and receiving really inexpensive and thoughtful gifts. For me, if it came out of a dumpster or alley, all the better. I begged to have my wedding shower invites say that I was registered at The Salvation Army. This sort of thrifty practicality brings me into a gift comfort zone.

For my birthday, Xxxxx (identity protected) managed to attain a massive stack of withdrawn library books from the Xxxxxxxx Library for me. All amazing. Some are vintage, 1st printings that I know would be worth something if I could ever part with them, some are amazing coffee table books that each weigh more than a jar of pennies. It’s the kind of gift I can truly enjoy and I thank Xxxxx from the bottom of my dumpster-diving heart. (Keep them coming!)

Now would be a perfect time for me to tell you about what Dan got me for a birthday/Valentine’s day present. I have told him for years that a double whammy like that (birthday & V-day) isn’t fair and I don’t expect 2 gifts, or even really a extra special gift that covers the 2 back-to-back holidays. As I mentioned before, I’m not really that gift-y. But I did aim high this year, for my big 3-5… I saw a vintage horse trough at the local junk shop that would make an ideal water garden for me this summer. A cheap and easy gift, I was thinking myself the ideal, low-maintenance wife. Did I get the horse trough? No. I got a coil garden hose and some nozzles. And he will never hear the end of it.

Did you get a garden-y Valentine’s gift? If you did, I want to hear about it in the forum. And Daniel can explain himself there, too.

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