Same As It Ever Was

I do try, day after day, to write posts unlike other garden bloggers. I try not to talk about the weather, show pictures of blooms that look exactly like the blooms in your garden or talk about cats too much but spring is here and the need to flaunt my baby plants, just like everyone else it doing, overtakes me
However, this time of the year it’s impossible not to post photos of perennials in the process of their spring crowning. The tug is too strong, it cannot be denied. So I present to you the most gorgeous Tradescantia ‘Sweet Kate’ niblets and some wasn’t-there-yesterday Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’. Both gold-leaved plants that apparently come into this world quite purple!



Come to the forum and share your baby pictures.And by "baby" I mean baby plants, not baby humans. There are a zillion other websites for that kind of stuff.

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