A Hosta Takeover

Old Hostas come with old houses- and I love period landscaping more than the next girl but…
The lancifolias must go.

I’ve made some bold statements in the past about hating Hostas. I’ll retract them now and restate- I really just hate Hosta lancifolia.

Blech. Not only is it plain and boring, it’s WAY tough and super prolific and each time I go to dig it out, I unwittingly make thousands of tiny divisions of it. And then what do I do with it when I get it out? Can’t compost it, they’ll only grow. People say they’ll come over and get them, but the truth is-  no one really feels the call that strongly to actually come over and get them because they are so dang plain. Gawd, I hate plain.
I could ding-dong-ditch them on people’s front steps though…. Hmmm…..

I’m not even removing them simply out of hatered, either. They are happily living on my South wall, where Hostas should not dare to go, the sunniest and warmest spot for vegetables on the property. The lancifolias simply must go. 

Ding dong.

Forum, yo.

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One thought on “A Hosta Takeover

  1. While Lancifolias are not my favorite, I do need to speak in their defense. True, they are just a plain green hosta, but their flowers make nice color in the garden at a time when there is little color. In addition, they are carefree, and have a nice neat shape to each plant especially in the fall when other perennials are leggy and done for the year.

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