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Woefully Underdressed, Again

I have been a bit consumed with the adopt-a-plots at Ault Park lately. The gardens look wonderful and I want them to stay their best. If I had my way, all the adopt-a-plot gardeners would be at the park, each day, tending …

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Coming Home

Coming home to a gardener means more than returning to the embrace of our family. Coming home means returning to the place many of us feel most at home, our gardens.

A Texas Treasure

“I garden on a rocky hillside in Central Texas. There are many challenges but then, with years of travel and multiple gardens under my belt, I have learnt that every garden has its challenges,” writes Jenny, author of the gardening …

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Best Gardening Blog—Far Out Flora

You know what it is like to try to get everything just right in your garden. With digging, planting, planning, weeding, mulching, dividing, propagating—whew, gardening can be a lot of work. But more than that, and the reason why we were …

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