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We list as many mail-order companies as possible. If you are searching for a specific plant, we recommend Andersen Horticultural Library’s Source List of Plants and Seeds (952-443-1405;] and the Internet search engine Google

Contact information appears in the first mention of each nursery.

Close to Home (pages 35-38)

Forestfarm 990 Tetherow Road Williams, OR 97544 541-846-7269 Free catalog; also online Erysimum Apricot Twist’

We were unable to find a source for Gossypium harknessii.

Ever-Alluring Ferns (page 50)

Arrowhead Alpines P.O. Box 857 Fowlerville. Ml 48836 517-223-3581 Free catalog; also online Athyrium filix-femina; Adiantum pedatum;Dennstaedtia punctilobula; Dryopteris xaustralis, C filix-mas

Bloom River Gardens P.O. Box 177 Walterville, OR 97489 541-726-8997 Online catalog Adiantum aleuticum. A., capillus-veneris;Dryopteris expansa, D. marginalis; Osmunda claytoniana; Matteuccia struthioptens; Polystichum acrostichoides, P. munitum

Fraser’s Thimble Farms 175 Arbutus Road Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1A3, Canada 250-537-5788 Online catalog Dryopteris clintoniana, D. ludoviciana

Lazy S’s Farm Nursery 2360 Spotswood Trail Barboursville, VA 22923 Fax: 540-832-0869 Online catalog Phegopteris hexagonoptera

Plant Delights Nursery 9241 Sauls Road Raleigh, NC 27603 919-772-4794 www. Online catalog Dryopteris campyloptera

Shooting Star Nursery 160 Soards Road Georgetown, KY 40324 502-867-7979 Online catalog

Parathelypteris noveboracensis (listed as Thelypteris noveboracensis)

Rock-Steady Rock Roses (page 66)

Cistus Nursery 22711 NW Gillihan Road Sauvie Island, OR 97231 503-621-2233 Online catalog Cistus ladanifer ‘Blanche’, C. x argenteus ‘Silver Pink’, C x skanbergii

Digging Dog Nursery P.O. Box 471 Albion, CA 95410 707-937-1130 Catalog $4; also online C. ‘Snowfire’

Greer Gardens 1280 Goodpasture Island Road Eugene, OR 97401 541-686-8266 Free catalog; also online C x pulverulentus ‘Sunset’

Hedgerows Nursery 20165 SWChristensen Road McMinnville, OR 97128 503-843-7522 C creticus; C x florentinus; C. x argenteus ‘Peggy Sammons’; C xheterocalyx‘Chelsea Bonnet’

Heronswood C. ‘Grayswold Pink’ (listed as ‘Grayswood Pink); C. x crispatus ‘Warley Rose’

Plant Delights Nursery C. xcyprius var. ellipticus f. bicobr’Elma’

Collector’s Choice (page 87)

Forestfarm Cotinus coggygria

RareFind Nursery 957 Patterson Road Jackson, NJ 08527 732-833-0613 Catalog $3; also online Cotinus obovatus, C. x ‘Grace’

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