On the Cover 5

More than ever, hardscaping, outbuildings, art and ornaments, and other accessories are making their way into gardens, from the smallest city side yards to spacious suburban lots. It’s not without good purpose. Choices in pavers, furniture, sculptures, and the like reflect your personality and taste, so that with them, your garden becomes truly a space of self-expression. But in all this we can’t forget what truly makes a garden a garden: plants.

This month we visit a pair of gardeners whose Portland, Oregon, paradise (pictured on the cover) is full of unusual structures and accessories that showcase their experiences and imagination. Turn to page 42 to learn how Ron Wagner and Nani Waddoups created it.

You’ll also find tips for finding and combining items for a personal, unique garden.

And you’ll see that Wagner and Waddoups haven’t forgotten about plants. Their structures and ornaments complement and support their plantings. A perfect example is their waterfall, which extends from a small tea house to a patch of lawn below. The waterfall is quite striking all on its own. Yet the couple opted to use it not just as a design element but also as a place to garden. Alocasia spp, Canna spp., and Colocasia spp. grow happily in the margins of the watercourse.

Whether your garden ornament of choice is small or large, remember to incorporate it into the garden, with plants you love. Both will look better for it, and your garden will be that much more personal.

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