City Style Their maker calls these the metro for their modern styling and fresh color options. They are extremely lightweight but not flimsy in the least –they’d hold up on treks down city streets to the community garden. For men or women crocs877-238-4404.

Foot Prints keeping the fun in functional the well designed Ladybugs shoes comes in a range of colorful prints. Choices include flowers, dragonflies and butterflies. But the signature ladybug motif is our favorite. By the Original Muck Boot Company

When you’re about to step into a fresh season, you’d best be wearing the right shoes. You have plenty of choices –in spring mud shoes are as plentiful as the black stuff itself. So what distinguishes one pair from the next? A close look at your potential pair will help you know if it will work for you. Consider the material: how waterproof is it? I low easy to clean? Think about form: do you want a high back, to keep the dirt out, or no back, for easy on-ar off? Look inside: if the insole is cloth, can it be removed for washing? Above al imagine the conditions in which you’ll be wearing these shoes, and the tasks you’ll be doing. Your best pair will fit not just your feet but also the way you garden. Here are several selections we liked, and what we liked about them.

For Fun

Perhaps not the most practical clog for day-to-day chores, the Garden Frou Frou is still worth a look. Solidly waterproof and flexible, these would be good for plant-shopping in style. By Ok-abashi. 800-443-6573.

A Clog Refined

These shoes are as durable as can be but offena few extra niceties. Inside the footbed has a raised archand nubbed texture to support and massage your sole outside cross-cross patterning gives the rubber uppers the took (almost) of eather By Okabashi. 800-443-6573.

Sensible Shoes

The Ladybugs (also shown on page 26) seem to have it all for the common-sense gardener. The sturdy sole gives good traction, the full heel keeps water and dirt out. and the cloth insole is removable for washing. A similar version, the Daily, is available in men’s sizes. Original Muck Boot Company. 877-438-6825.

Heavy Duty Hoofers

Your shoes should fit your feet-and the job you plan to do, too. If you’re working with sharp tools, heavy materials, or power equipment, wear something substantial. With steel toes and a rugged grip, this pair will keep you on your feet For men and women. Classic, by I awnGrips. 877-447-4771.

Toe Off

These comfy shoes also come in a closed-toe version. But it’s nice to Image summer days ahead and the pleasure of sun-and a little mud–warming your toes. Rcmovable washable insoles are a plus on this pair. Anywears

Dig Holes?

Popular among boaters and beach goers, these holey sandals can step right into the garden to. They keep feet cool in hot weather letting the air and maybe a bit of water from the hose pass through. Beach, by Cross. 877-238-4404.

Puddle Pushback

At first glance you might wonder what could make these simple shoes at all special. Their fit sets them apart; the generous toe box provides wiggle room, while the rolled rim of the upper grips your foot snugly to lock water and mud out. Sloggers. 877-750-4437.

Bottoms Up

When the buying shoes. Don’t forget to flip them over Consider what style sole serves your gardening style best if you’re in and out of the house a lot. you’ll want a sole that doesn’t gather clumps of dirt. If you’ll be gardening in slippery conditions, you need something with good traction. And a sturdy heel will let you dig in for leverage when you need it.

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