Garden Art and Ornaments

The search for garden art is an exercise for the imagination, a chance to express your personality. The choices seem almost limitless: sculpture galleries and artists’ studios offer unique items, but so do salvage yards and estate sales. It’s all about finding the right piece (at the right price) for the right place. Architectural elements, fragments of old statues, and even rusty tools can all become works of art when placed in the garden. Whether they be gazing globes or nude Greek gods, the objects you choose represent who you are, putting a signature on the garden you’ve created.—Meghan Lynch


Artists George Little and David Lewis create all kinds of garden art at their studio on Washington’s Bainbridge island, including hand-cast leaves in a wide range of sizes, styles, and prices. Gun-neras, like the one pictured here, are their top-of-the-line leaf, starting at $1,100. Little and Lewis Sculpture; 206–842-8327;


The Samaria’s three copper urns spill water over a smooth limestone base, adding an aural component to the art. $1,795. Blue Water Fountains; 713-661-6312;


A New Leaf Gallery/Sculpturesite exhibits and sells the work of over 100 artists at its Berkeley, California, location and on its Web site. Much of the work is suitable for the outdoors, like the titanium and stainless steel Almas, a kinetic sculpture by Jeffery Laudenslager. Call vendor for pricing. A New Leaf Gallery; 510-525-7621;


The serene perfection of this stone Buddha’s head, hand-carved in eastern Java, lends a quiet mood to the garden. Call vendor for pricing. Javanese Gardens; 617-277-0737;


Architectural elements boast bold detailing and strong shape. These chimney pots introduce a splash of color, too. $225 each. Architectural Salvage Warehouse; 802-658-5011;


Giant pumpkins, hand-carved from granite, are a pleasant surprise in the garden. Sculptor Bill Royall first made a set for his wife; customers to his millstone shop and Web site encouraged him to make more. His latest sets are topped with bronze stems. $7,000 (sold by the pair). Maine Millstones; 207-633-6091;


Beyond just looking lovely, garden ornaments can perform a practical function. These terra-cotta roofing tiles would make fine edging. Call vendor for pricing. The Thompson Studio; 610-644-1110;


Elegance is always in style. Antique ornaments, like these French lidded urns, wait to grace a garden as they did in times past. Call vendor for pricing. Treillage; 212-535-2288;

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